2010 Galleries

December 2010

As the year comes to a close I guess we can look back and say it has been a year full of challenges but also we\'ve had some wonderful success\'s.The continuing recession has been felt by all and like most clubs we haven\'t been immune. As usual the club hosted some great functions during the year and the highlight without doubt had to be the trip to Germany, a huge congratulations to the team and supporters again, they did the club proud.

October 2010

Well we didn\'t get to go to WEG - But hey ............................... GERMANY - What can we say..................Just seems like a dream now for team members and a pleasant, fading, exhausting memory for the parents!!!

August 2010

Well since our last contribution many things have happened and I guess on the negative side the most disappointing event has been the NZ Equestrian Federation\'s decision to not include us in the NZ WEG 2010 Team. Extremely disappointing given we had been working (or indeed thought we had) with Federation for the past two years to acheive this goal.

April 2010

Time flys, \"Wellington Festival of Circus\" been and gone,\"Horse of The Year\" been and gone, \"April school holiday Farm Club\" been and gone, \"Bill Noble\'s Dressage Clinics\" been and gone, \"Ruth\'s Mum visited from Switzerland\" again and before we knew it she\'s gone again!!! seems like she only just got here!!! and so many other things have taken place since the January web page update. Sorry but no one sent me any pics from Horse of the Year so can\'t include.

January 2010

I\'ll try and make it up to everyone and include as many pics as I have on hand, thanks to those of you who submitted the pics whilst I was away in Aus....ah! ha! so that\'s why no December and January photo pages swanning away on the Gold Coast eh!!