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Dec 2012 Christmas Show & Riders Fun Day

Well 2012 nearly done & dusted and what a year. Some real high points and some not so but all in all I think the club has done pretty well. The year as usual ended with the Xmas show and this year there was a great gathering of parents and friends who were treated to some really excellent performances from all teams right from our pre schoolers!!! up to our senior vaulting teams and disabled riders..well done all of you. The progress through all grades has been fantastic this year and that is credit to Catarina and all the coaches involved. The Saturday started off a bit overcast but as the day progressed the weather came right and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. Camp mothers Julia and Shaylyn along with their great bunch of helpers ensured everyone had the best of food and drinks. Michelle and Nathania took care of just about everything else. Our senior vaulters along with Anabel and Alice (our current visiting German coaches) did a fabulous job with their teams and the Senior vaulters put on a stunning display of the one they did at Equidays in Hamilton. The fun day for riders that followed on Sunday was (weather wise ) fantastic not a cloud in the sky and just the most superb day. Catarina again had her hands full running a dressage competition, jumping competition and to round the day off a \"Handy Hunters\" event which everyone seemed to enjoy. This was followed by a magnificent lunch prepared by Lyn for all competitors and some of our wonderful volunteers and friends. Prize giving ended the day and everyone slowly made their way home. Again I have to say club members were again fantastic and pitched in to help Lyn with all sorts of tasks. Again special thanks to Alice, Anabel, Peter Jones and all those who assisted to make Sunday a really enjoyable day. The pics are simply a random selection almost in time sequence so I hope you enjoy and if I missed anyone I apologise. Have a great Xmas and a happy new Year.

Equidays 2012

Well Equidays 2012 has been and gone. From our point of view a great experience and the teams did a fantastic job. Sorry we haven\'t got to many pics of the shows but most of us were working whilst the show was on and most of the time it was fairly dark in the arena. However the complimentary comments after each show was amazing and what we did see was spectacular. Emails have been received from other clinicians praising the performances and the team even received personal congratulations from The fantastic TV entertainers \"The Top twins\". The team can be justifiable very very proud of their efforts. Huge raps to all parents of the team members as well because without their support and involvement this would not be possible. A special vote of thanks to Catarina who has to be the best horse trainer in the whole world (except for me) Shalyn, Julia, Michelle, Helen, Nat, George, Phil, Rose and Lyn for all their support and hard work in Hamilton making it come together. A special thank you also to Mathew for his work in putting together the music and directing the lighting and sound at the show and last but not least Anabel who stayed home and ran the club. Thank you all so much.

Skinny Mobil Visit

In October the club was treated to a visit from a volunteer called \"Frenchie\" courtesy of Volunteer Kapiti. Frenchie arrived in his somewhat used VW Van to gives us a few hours of volunteer work and at the same time promoting his companies new Mobile phone company \"Skinny\" There was quite a promotional campaign built around \"Frenchie\" as his job was to travel the length and breath of NZ doing volunteering work at venue like ours and promoting the new phone company. The company is offering some real cheap mobile options really worth looking at, especially for the younger market. Frenchies visit was fun and hilarious, some pics tell a bit of the story. Thanks also to Glen who is a local volunteer who came in support .Our thanks to Volunteer Kapiti for including us in Frenchie\' s tour.

October 2012 School Holiday programme

Well better late than never! The October school holiday programme was a roaring success and in no small part due to the efforts of Nat and the team. This holiday period we were lucky enough to have the help of two new German recruits to assist, Alice and Anabel, along with our wonderful Kiwi vaulters, Sarah our Trampolining expert and Lyn the whole team did a fantastic job. In addition to the holiday programme Claire ran two 4 day programmes \"Course for Horses\" and this was also fully supported, Claire did a great job and all the participants had a great time.

July 2012 Farm Club & Holiday Programme

Well the July Holiday and Farm Club period is over and the programme was a great success, thanks in the main to Nat & Mikayla and all the Vaulters who pitched in to assist. It appears from the parent feed back that the kids had a ball, many returning each day. Most days we were full so next holidays early bookings will be essential. The club introduced some really neat games and it is hoped to add to these next holidays. We were spared the wet weather that most of the country got over the period, only experiencing one day that could be classified as \"wet\" and even that didn\'t deter the kids as the covered arena area lets us carry on a full programme. The pre school kids (9:00am to 12:00midday) was a great success and we will be running this section again next holiday. So all in all a neat two weeks, a fantastic job done by coaches and our vaulting helpers and most pleasing a huge bunch of very happy kids and parents.

Club Competitions June 2012

The June club competitions were held in fine but freezing conditions which didn\'t seem to deter the vaulters or for that matter the parents and supporters who came along. A really great turnout of spectators enjoyed some really good vaulting from our junior vaulters. The pics tell the story, the only thing you can\'t see is the shivering!!! Congratulation must go to Brooke Dunstan who basically arranged and organised the event in the absence of Catarina. A very well run event Brooke. The food stand manned by parents was flat out meeting the demand for hot sausages, crepes and hot drinks and the kids enjoyed the day. Our first place winners were: Canter Freestyle: Luchia Paterson Walk Senior Freestyle: Shirani Wildbore Junior Walk: Lara Thompson Congratulations to these winners, well done. Immediately after the completion of the competitions parents and vaulters gathered around the small memorial to \"ANTON\" and planted an apple tree. Members paid tribute to a great old horse who will be missed by everyone who had ridden, vaulted and trained on him. I know many of our overseas friends will remember ANTON with fond memories.

Volunteers have a turn (& Lunch)

Well it had to happen I guess! A number of our more daring volunteers decided it was time they had a go at doing what they encourage our Larche riders to do .....and then they enjoyed much deserved sustenance ....much deserved is probably an understatement as can be seen from the pics. However a valiant effort and they can now confidently say \"it\'s a B&*&^%$y sight harder than it looks! Well done and again our thanks for your wonderful support.

Club Championships April 2012

The April Club championships were a real success, (apart from the BBQ catching fire) and all teams did extremely well. As always a large number of parents and friends turned up to watch the competitions. A huge thank you to the \"Foodies\" that helped with the BBQ, Crepe making (a certain person will have had a wonderful nights sleep after that was over!!!) and all the other jobs associated with running the event. Thank you also to Catarina, DiDi, Pia for all the work they did in preparing for the competition, to all the senior vaulters who coached teams you did a fantastic job and should be very proud. Parents and friends we hope you enjoyed, if you did make sure you tell your friends, we\'d love to see them along next time as well.

April School Holiday programme

The April school holiday programme was again a real success mainly attributable to DiDi & Pia who worked tirelessly each day over the holiday period to make sure all the kids had a wonderful time. Great job well done you two, what a shame you won\'t be with us for the next school holidays! A huge vote of thanks also to Sarah who makes trampolining look so easy and so much fun!!! Michelle and Eve, Nat and the vaulters who came to help when we had exceptionally large groups and everyone else that contributed, the kids did enjoy every moment and that makes it worth the effort. We had wonderful weather over the two weeks and that made the programme even more enjoyable. Made up in some way for the very average summer I guess.

Live it Love it Festival

The \"Live it Love it\" Festival was held in April at Queen Elizabeth Park just Sth of Paraparaumu and the club as can be seen from the pics participated. Catarina took horses & teams down so all members could be involved, team members gave demonstrations of vaulting both on the horses as well as the barrels. Parents pitched in and ran our \"French Crepes\" stand and by the end of the day (especially Barb) had seen enough Crepes to last a life time! The event was well attended and all sorts of entertainment was available. The weather was fantastic and being a free entry event families were out in huge numbers. The Festival was staged at the old Tram Museum with the old trams running from the main highway down to the beach taking families for rides which added to the atmosphere. Once Raz and Bam Bam got used to the banging & Clanging of the trams all went well. People picnicked, swam in the sea, strolled along the beach, all in all a great day out.....The pics again tell the story!

Horse of The Year 2012

Another great trip for the club and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Our sincere thanks to those parents and friends who came and joined the team in Hastings and helped cook, manage make-up and do all the jobs necessary to make these events enjoyable and a success, thank you all again. These are just some of the early pics hopefully we will receive many more to go in this gallery.

March 2012

Beach and trekking fun over the summer.

January 2012

This is our first photo gallery in the new Web Page format and is a selection of Pics from the 2011/12 Xmas period and our holiday programme including a number of specialised activities and the senior camp. Just click on the first pic and the gallery will open. Hope you enjoy.