If you love horses, dance, gymnastics, friendship and having fun then equestrian vaulting is for you!

What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Vaulting is best described as gymnastics on the back of a moving horse which is worked on a circle, under the control of a lunger.  It is a unique and growing sport here in New Zealand. Vaulting combines beauty, power, strength, dance and gymnastics all in harmony with the horse. A wonderful way to develop co-ordination, balance, strength and creativity.


Vaulting is an all year round sport, a covered and outdoor arena is used for working the horses (depending on the weather) along side the barrel (or practice horse) In very bad weather a lot of training is done on specially built barrels or using facilities in a local gym. In fact barrel events are held at most competitions and are ideal for winter time when weather is cold and wet.

Who can vault?

Anyone! Vaulting programs are not only for competitive teams but include Recreational Groups, Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs and are ideal for therapeutic activity for those with disabilities. Vaulting internationally is recognised as one of the best ways to introduce people to horse riding and equestrian sports.

Is it trick riding?

NO! Vaulting is done in a very controlled environment, The horse, trainer and vaulter/s work as a team, with the trainer controlling the horse on a lunge line. The horse moves at a constant walk, trot or canter, depending on the routine and the vaulter/s perform gymnastic and dance moves to music on the horse.

What kind of horses are used?

Many breeds and sizes can be used, the best vaulting horses are calm, strong, fit and kind with a steady gait.

Do horses like to vault?

Our horses love to vault! They are given lots of love and attention by their trainers and vaulters.

Is it a team or individual sport?

Both! Vaulters may participate as an individual, in pairs or as part of a team. In team competition up to three vaulters are on the horse at once literally supporting each other during their routines.

What if I don’t own a horse?

This is not a problem; in fact it is one reason vaulting clubs have been formed. This sport enables those without the facility to own a horse to become totally involved. Team members join the club and fees pay for tuition and helps maintain the horses, making it far more affordable than individual ownership.

At what age can I start vaulting?

One of the benefits of vaulting is that vaulters can be as young as pre-schoolers or adults or anywhere in between.

Do I need to know how to ride a horse?

No! You do not need to be able to ride to vault, but vaulting can greatly improve your riding skills if you are already a rider.